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We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products from our range of Electronic Access Control and RF/Microwave products.  Whether your project is small or large, simple or complex, our experienced team can provide you with the best advice to get you the right product for your needs.

Note: EDS only supplies genuine products from our suppliers and only through authorised channels. If you purchase a product from a non-authorised source, you may not receive quality products, service or warranty.


Electronic Access Control


Smart Card Readers

Cards & Credentials

Smart Access Cards & Credentials

Logical Access USB Readers

USB Smart Card Readers


Biometric Readers


Coming soon...

Visitor Management

EasyLobby® Visitor Management Solutions

Mobile Access

HID Mobile Access® Solutions

Reader Accessories

Available accessories for our readers


Smart Office/Home

SONTE Smart Film

Smart Film that can be retrofitted to any glass


RF / Microwave

K&L Microwave®

RF/Microwave Filters, Duplexers and sub-assemblies, including ceramic, lumped element, cavity, waveguide and tunable filers


Single Pole Sockets, Connector Pins, Solder Terminals, Inductive Products


Sensors, Multiturn sensors, Contactless sensors, Controls, Mechatronics, PCRs, Encoders & Switches


Band Pass Filters, Coaxial Inductors, Coaxial Resonators

Kanthal Globar

Bulk Ceramic Resistors, Maxcap® Double Layer Capacitors

Nova Microwave

RF/Microwave circulators and isolators

KMIC Technology Inc.

Amplifiers, converters, transceivers, L-band converters, Ku Band, S-Band

Ducommun Inc.

RF/Microwave, coaxial switches, antennas, amplifiers, converters, oscillators


RF/Microwave Tranceivers, transmitters, receivers, power regulators and controllers, optical amplifiers, discrete semiconductors


RF/Microwave Filters, diplexers, power splitters/couplers, coaxial chip and flange attenuators, circulators and isolators, diodes, amplifiers

Synergy Microwave Corp.

RF/Microwave Filters, synthesizers, power splitters/couplers, attenuators, circulators and isolators, amplifiers, phase shifters