KDI has a vast library of modular circuit designs from decades of manufacturing products for the RF and microwave industry. To support the development of new integrated functions, a broad range of design expertise is a critical resource. Passive and active signal processing components including diode attenuators, phase shifters, switches, filters, LNAs, modulators, combiners, dividers, couplers, ferrites and duplexers can be integrated to provide multiple functions in a single system. 


Primary products include integrated subassemblies for base station self-diagnostics for TDMA, GSM, CDMA protocols, with PIN diode switch matrices, combiners, dividers, couplers, up-down converters and digital circuitry. High power switch matrices and combiners are offered that integrate low intermod AIN terminations produced by the KDI Resistive Products Group. 


Recently, KDI has added vector modulators for power amplifier spurious cancellation circuits. These devices provide continuous phase shift with attenuation change and are packaged in the Surfpac, surface mount packages, which are ideal for high volume/low cost applications.


KDI is well known for its depth of microwave engineering capability and its diversity of complex products. Next generation products include millimeter components and subassembly products for the emerging LMDS, Broadband, WCDMA, and other wireless markets. 


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