OMNIKEY® products are designed to support any smart card for any application on any computer or multi-function printer. OMNIKEY® devices support all relevant operating systems from all Windows platforms to Linux and Mac OS. Certifications to all relevant industry standards including PC/SC, WHQL, USB CCID, EMV 2000, and Common Criteria ensure world-wide compliance and easy integration in any system.

OMNIKEY® readers enable convergence of identity management technologies, allowing you the ability to use the same card credential that let’s you in the front door to also access your computer or multi-function printer.



Contact-only Smart Card Reader


Contact-only Smart Card Reader


Contact-only Smart Card Reader with Pinpad

5025 CL

125 kHz Prox Reader

5321 v2 USB

13.56 Mhz Reader - DISCONTINUED. New model is Omnikey 5421

5321 CR

13.56 Mhz Reader for Clean Rooms IP67


13.56 Mhz Reader

6321 USB

13.56 Mhz Dongle Reader

5427 CK

Dual Frequency (13.56 Mhz / 125 kHz) Reader